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Welcome, writers!

Dear writer,


Welcome to Mascot! Your works were thrilling, original, and exceptionally well-written, and we would love to extend a personal invitation for you to join our Mascot family. With so many alternatives for writing and publication, we truly appreciate you choosing us to be your stories' new home.


We’re excited for this new chapter together (pun intended!)!



Team Mascot


We know how important ownership is to writers, and thus, we emphasize and advocate that you own your content 100%, period! Mascot promises not to profit or exploit your stories in any way ever. Our ultimate goal is to serve you in providing a fun writing tool and help you gain exposure.​


However, due to the nature of the internet, we also has an obligation to keep Mascot a safe place for all. This means Mascot will, when necessary, manage tags to mark NSFW content as "mature" and will remove hate speech or overtly inappropriate content such as gore. We hope you keep this into consideration while writing.

Collaborative Storytelling

​Writing alone can be cathartic—even preferred by many. But sometimes, we need a bit of engagement with our work for motivation. Often, we hit that dreaded writer’s block with no one else to turn to for advice. We get it, and we’ve all been there. Mascot mainly functions to allow collaboration and discussion to circulate ideas… and who knows? One fleeting prompt may just be your next spark of inspiration!


We are a platform for fans of all backgrounds: there is something for everyone, regardless if you’re a solo-author or a collaborative writer. Thus, we believe that everyone deserves proper credit for their creativity, no matter what. Mascot is proud to be the first collaborative storytelling product on the market. Best part? All co-authors get credited once the story is published! 


We understand the preference to write alone to have complete creative control and authorship. With Mascot, you get the best of both worlds, so if later you ever wanted to try out collaborative writing with your friends or fellow writer mutuals, Mascot’s here for you. 

Elevate Your Stories

Let’s face it; plain text can only take your imagination so far. On Mascot, you can literally bring your favorite characters and their stories to life by re-imagining the plot as a “chat story,” or a Social Media! AU. Since this format of storytelling and writing is relatively new, it’s an interactive and immersive way to get readers to engage one on one with the storyline. Readers can pretend to be characters and interact with other users, take the story and rewrite it on their own, or even make original dialogues as to how they think the characters would interact! It’s similar to reading over an old text conversation with a friend; a feeling we are all too familiar with. 


HOW WE CAN HELP? If you’re interested in creating a “chat story” version of your published work, the Mascot team will help convert it for you! As always, the author(s) will keep 100% of the credit for their work. You will be able to review the story before it’s launched on the app, and if you’re not satisfied with the result, you have the power to either edit it to your liking, or remove it altogether.

Academic Growth and a Positive Community

Mascot aims to inspire more young adults to read and write, while simultaneously improving their literacy skills and boosting their confidence. The founders of Mascot have built multiple education-technology products, and couldn't feel more passionate about creating a product that’s not only fun, but also adds value to youth.


In a time where social media has had more of a negative impact than a positive one, we want to use this digital platform to battle against depression and insecurities. We are so incredibly fortunate to the writing communities and authors alike that create a safe space for those online, allowing anyone and everyone to explore and learn about their gender, sexuality, and identity.


We’re excited to show the world just how powerful words can be, and just how awesome it is to read and write! 

The Spotlight’s on You! 

As a writer, you pour your heart, soul, and all of your energy into creating a story; and more often than not, it’s not an instant bestseller like you hoped that it would be. However, this doesn’t mean that your works aren’t high-quality; there’s just too many for people to look through!


With Mascot, we give your stories a place to shine. As a contributor, you won’t have to feel like you’re competing for an audience or views.


HOW WE CAN HELP? As a verified writer on Mascot, your works will be featured on our “Discover” and “Home” pages. The faster you join as a verified writer, the faster we can put the spotlight on you.

Become a Verified Writer

If you’d like to be established as a verified writer on Mascot, please fill out the interest form linked below. If you’re selected, you will hear from us within a few business days with how to proceed! 

Perks as a Mascot Writer

  • Early adopter advantage to become the first batch of verified creators on a growing platform; meaning you’ll become established in no time. 


  • Get featured on the Mascot app, and/or our ad campaigns to help give you exposure to grow your current audience.


  • Receive assistance with content creation (Our Mascot editors and Creative Writing Team will work with you to help you get set up on the app, stay on schedule with your writing progress, and even offer editing or creative writing advice if needed.)


  • You’ll learn about innovative, interactive and creative storytelling features that are new to the writing scene! 


  • Your voice matters; if you have advice or constructive criticism about how we, at Mascot, can improve our service and platform for you, we are more than ready to listen!

Who You Are

  • An author looking for audience or wanting to expand their audience, particularly in the young adult (YA) genre


  • Someone eager to learn about storytelling technology and writing


  • Someone eager to learn and write for evolving storytelling trends


  • Someone passionate to get involved with a startup


  • Someone ready to commit to a consistent publishing schedule

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