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Image by Ben Neale

Inspiring the Next Generation of Storytellers

Writing is the gateway to self-expression, building community, learning new skills, and creating art. Millions of people have already discovered this and are writing fanfiction and roleplay stories to share with their friends online. But there’s currently no app dedicated to this growing writing community.


Enter Mascot! 


We’re building a platform to support the fanfiction and roleplaying community and bring the excitement of reading and writing to everyone. Our platform gives people the tools to:


  • Write original stories, either alone or with friends;

  • Publish and share their stories; 

  • Learn and develop their writing skills; and

  • Make friends and find their own storytelling community. 


We’re empowering people to create and share their own stories, characters, and worlds. 

A platform for digital native writers

Of the 5+ hours a day that people spend on their smartphones, only 7 minutes are spent on reading and writing as traditionally defined. At the same time, text messages are the standard method of communication and text-based social media platforms like Twitter and Discord continue to grow in popularity. We believe people want to write and read more than ever before, they simply lack a new platform that caters to the way people write and read today.


Our product is designed with modern reading and writing in mind. Mascot started as a group chat app to connect anime fans and quickly exploded into a community that writes fanfic and roleplay stories together. After talking to our active and supportive community of Mascoteers, we’re now turning Mascot into a next-gen writing platform to help more people discover a love of language and the written word. 


Mascot is created for digital natives. It uses the tools they already know to fuel their creativity. With Mascot, writers can:

  • Write stories together in real time with our intuitive chatroom interface;

  • Create and switch between multiple avatars in live roleplay sessions and easily bring their own original characters from one roleplay session to another; and

  • Turn plain text stories into interactive and immersive formats via powerful multimedia creative tools. 


We’re regularly adding more features to make the Mascot experience even more interactive, immersive, and collaborative. We’re excited to show the world just how powerful words can be and just how awesome it is to read and write! 


So stay tuned and stay creative, we’re just getting started. 

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